Water Street winner of “Great Street” in Canadian competition

St. Andrews has a wonderful vibe to it and it’s one of the many reasons we want to retire there. We are so pleased to see that the wonderful historic Water Street has been named by the Canadian Institute of Planners as the winner of “Great Street” in their “Great Places in Canada” Competition!


Historic Water Street is a part of the community of St. Andrews’ heart and identity. The pedestrian-oriented street integrates contextual urban design with open spaces and scenic views of the nearby sea. While the street’s design and architecture references the community’s over 200 years of history, the place itself has evolved to remain a daily part of resident’s lives for both commercial and recreational purposes. The street is also an attraction for the community’s over 80,000 visitors each year. It houses well-frequented restaurants, shops, galleries, and other excursion opportunities. The street is also the backdrop for a weekly Farmers Market and hosts community events in all four seasons.”

Read the entire PRESS RELEASE including link to the St Andrews contest submission. brown_blogstandrewsArtwork by Canadian Artist Charlene Brown via The Virtual Paintout


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