Home placement & position of the sun

Our home design include 3 clerestory windows.“Clerestory windows are built above the line of sight atop roof lines, bringing daylight, warmth (in winter) and ventilation into the inner spaces of a building.” According to what I’ve read, the ideal placement of our new home would be with the clerestory windows facing south but to maximize the views from our balconies we will be positioning these windows facing south-west. I’m still not exactly clear how this will impact heating in the winter and cooling in the summer but time will tell.

I found this very neat on-line app which allows you to see the position of the sun in your area throughout the day & year. http://suncalc.net. The image below shows the sun’s position today at 8 am on Salt Marsh Road, St. Andrews, NB. I can just imaging sitting on the sunny second floor balcony enjoying a coffee while looking out at the Passamaquoddy Bay.


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