Top 99 decisions to be made when building a home

Once you’ve chosen a plan and have a contractor, you will have to make A LOT more decisions. The following is a list of 99 more decisions that will have to be made. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but definitely should hit the highlights.  This list could easily be expanded because I lumped some decision together . For example #57 – “Kitchen Island. Function, design, size, material and colour” is actually several decisions which I’ve only counted as one. How many “micro” decisions do you think are actually listed here…

  1. Location of house on lot
  2. Full basement, frost wall, slab?
  3. Siding type and colour
  4. Matching siding corners, white or other contrasting colour
  5. Windows. Number, size, location, type and colour
  6. Exterior Doors. Type and colour
  7. Sidelights?
  8. Transoms?
  9. Screen doors?
  10. Exterior Door hardware. Type and colour
  11. Patio doors. Style (garden or sliding), size and location.
  12. Style and color of exterior window trim
  13. Style of muntins if having (often confused with mullions, muntins are the decorative grid inside the glass)
  14. Type and color of roofing material
  15. Exterior decorative lighting. Type, colour and location
  16. Exterior safety and security lighting, Type, colour & location
  17. Home security. Type of system, cameras?
  18. Exterior steps & handrails. Design, material & finish
  19. Patios & Decks. Size, design and material
  20. Type of deck footings
  21. Deck Railing. Style, material & finish
  22. If using pressure treated lumber, green or brown?
  23. Shutters?
  24. Brackets ?
  25. Awnings?
  26. Pergolas?
  27. Exterior electrical outlets. Number and location. Switched?
  28. Exterior taps. Number and location
  29. Door bells
  30. House numbers
  31. Mailbox
  32. Wiring for exterior speakers
  33. Garage Door, size, style & colour
  34. Garage storage, bicycle, tires, shelving?
  35. Eavestrough?
  36. Electrical entrance location
  37. Location of hot water tank
  38. Location of air exchanger
  39. Location of laundry
  40. Utility sink?
  41. Home heating method. Electric baseboard, Heat Pump, wood stove etc…
  42. Cooling?
  43. Wiring for generator?
  44. Flooring
  45. Stair material treads and risers
  46. Stair railing. Style, design and material
  47. Stair wall hand rail & bracket. Style and material
  48. Ceiling finish and colour
  49. Wall paint colours
  50. Interior trim style and colour
  51. Interior doors. Size, style and colour
  52. Closet doors. Style, type and colour
  53. Interior door hardware, style and colour
  54. Kitchen cabinet style, material and colour
  55. Glass doors or open shelving?
  56. Kitchen layout. Size of cabinets (upper and lower), location of drawers, cupboards, pantry etc…
  57. Kitchen Island. Function, design, size, material and colour
  58. Kitchen cabinet hardware. Knobs, pulls or combination…
  59. Fridge height & depth (standard or counter depth, for example… impacts your cabinet decisions)
  60. Location of microwave (over range, above counter, under counter)
  61. Type of range hood
  62. Garbage disposal?
  63. Kitchen sink. Style, size, material, color
  64. Kitchen taps. Style and colour
  65. Kitchen counter. Material, colour
  66. Backsplash. Material, colour & design
  67. Under counter lighting plan
  68. Whole home Recessed lighting plan
  69. Other light fixtures such as ceiling lights, pendants, sconces etc… location, style and colour
  70. Mudroom built-ins?
  71. Master bedroom closet. Design and fixtures required.
  72. Bathroom (s) vanity, size, material and style
  73. Bathroom (s) sink, style and colour
  74. Bathroom (s) taps, style and colour
  75. Tub, style and colour
  76. Tub taps, style and colour
  77. Shower, design & material
  78. Shower fixtures, style and colour
  79. Towel bars, style, colour and location
  80. Toilet paper holders, style, colour and location
  81. Shower curtain bar, style & colour
  82. Toilet, style and colour
  83. Location of baseboard radiators throughout home if usings
  84. Location of electrical outlets throughout home
  85. Will electrical outlets be switched
  86. Location of light switches throughout home.
  87. What switch controls what light?
  88. Type of switch plates and electrical covers
  89. Dimmers?
  90. Location of phone jack
  91. Location on cable jack
  92. Special electrical outlet for TV?
  93. Entertainment centre built-ins?
  94. Fireplace or stove? Wood/pellet/gas/electric
  95. Mantel. Design & material
  96. Chimey. Location, design and material
  97. Driveway. Design & material
  98. Walkways. Design & material.
  99. Landscaping. Design & material

Help me make this list “The Top 200 Decisions”. Comment below with what I forgot!


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