The Golden Hour (Photos)

Spent the eve of my 50th birthday in gorgeous St. Andrews by-the-sea.



Home placement & position of the sun

Our home design include 3 clerestory windows.“Clerestory windows are built above the line of sight atop roof lines, bringing daylight, warmth (in winter) and ventilation into the inner spaces of a building.” According to what I’ve read, the ideal placement of our new home would be with the clerestory windows facing south but to maximize the views from our balconies we will be positioning these windows facing south-west. I’m still not exactly clear how this will impact heating in the winter and cooling in the summer but time will tell.

I found this very neat on-line app which allows you to see the position of the sun in your area throughout the day & year. The image below shows the sun’s position today at 8 am on Salt Marsh Road, St. Andrews, NB. I can just imaging sitting on the sunny second floor balcony enjoying a coffee while looking out at the Passamaquoddy Bay.

Sandpipers and the Bay of Fundy

During the peak months of July and August, acrobatic flocks of thousands of birds mesmerize observers in the Bay of Fundy with their skill, majestic elegance and timelessness.

Although twelve species of migratory shorebird commonly pass through the Bay of Fundy during fall, by far most of the visiting birds are Semipalmated Sandpiper (75%), Semipalmated Plover (20%) and Least Sandpiper.

The Semipalmated Sandpiper, Calidris pusilla, is a small sparrow-sized shorebird which visits the upper Bay of Fundy annually from July through October. Over two million Semipalmated Sandpipers – roughly 75% of the world’s population — move through the Fundy region en route from nesting grounds in the Canadian Sub-arctic to wintering areas in South America. Source:

Read the 2002 New York Times story called The Sandpipers of Fundy Bay 

Watch this Adorable Oscar nominated short animation about the life of a fledgling sandpiper (4:45 minutes)

“successful foraging in the productive Fundy mud is critical for
up to 95 percent of the world’s population of Semipalmated Sandpipers”

More links to info on this topic:

A Saturday Visit (with Pics)

Had some company visiting from Toronto and took an afternoon drive to St. Andrews. We grabbed a bite and a cold one at the Red Herring. We were watching two lovely ladies selling, what appeared to be, raffle tickets on something. People were really lined up to get these tickets so curiosity got the best of me and I went over to investigate. Come to find out that they were not selling raffle tickets but handing out ballots for people to vote for their favourite seafood chowder. More about that event HERE

It was a beautiful day so I snapped a few shots from the wharf…

We’ve chosen a new plan

It’s great to have the luxury of time to really consider the pros and cons of each plan/design. The one we had chosen previously checked most of the boxes but had a few elements that concerned us.

  1. We would have to have a detached garage. The most recent heavy snow dump in Atlantic Canada reminded us how nice it is to have an attached garage.
  2. Partial Flat Roof: One of the rooms in our previous design had a flat roof with a portion of the upper deck over it. This could also prove to be a concern given our harsh winters and potential for heavy snow.
  3. Sky Lights: Although the sky lights were initially an attraction, we have not heard great things about them such a cracking and potential for leaking.
  4. Very Small Guest Rooms: The two guest rooms were less that 10’x 10′. After comparing to our existing rooms we felt this would be a little cramped.

To see the details of the new plan CLICK HERE