Initially we were not sure what we wanted.

First we explored lakefront. We liked the idea of living on a lake. The views, tranquility and the recreational opportunities such as boating and skating that lake side living affords was appealing but the lakes in the area where we want to retire are served by roads that are not paved. This is not ideal for us…too isolated in the harsh Atlantic Canadian winter and not ideal for road cycling which we have a passion for.

Next we explored oceanfront. Most of the prime ocean front lots are a 15 minute drive from the town. We agreed that living ocean side on a waterfront lot would be spectacular 4 months of the year but the shoulder seasons and winter can be windy and if you own ocean frontage your property is at risk of erosion over time. Not to mention the hefty price tags!

We briefly toyed with the idea of buying a house right in the town within a short walk to the waterfront as well as Main Street cafés, restaurants & boutiques but we quickly discovered that all of the houses in the town are 150+ years old and would require significant upkeep…not how we plan to spend our “golden years”.

We were starting to get discouraged when we discovered a new development approximately 6 blocks from main street. Although not lakefront or oceanfront, the lots offered water views of a pristine bay. Parcels here are larger than those right in the town and have a country feel to them. They are also serviced by town water & sewer and have buried power lines, all huge selling features for us. The area between the lots and the shoreline is nature preserve with a 2 km paved path (for walking & cycling)  which links up to a 60 km hiking footpath. It all added up for us. We purchased lot 09-02… a 3/4 acre partially wooded lot and a view of Passamaquoddy Bay.

Our property has some beautiful trees on it. Most of our neighbours have clear cut their yards and put in lawns to maximize their water view. We will likely take a little different approach and selectively thin the trees to ensure a good view but keep a more natural setting. cropped-img_20160930_1026393.jpg


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