water-bannerThere seems to be a primitive desire within most people to live near the water. There was a time when it was necessary. Survival hinged on having access to fresh running water but also as a means of transportation, for the movement of resources and as a source of energy (for running mills for example).

Today, living on or near rivers/lakes/oceans is desired for different reasons and I believe it’s mainly for the sheer beauty of water i.e .watching how the sun glints off ripples like sparkling diamond, how sunrises and sunsets are magnified by it’s reflective powers, how the image of shoreline trees is doubled in its mirror-like qualities and how water attracts wildlife such as mammals, fish and birds.

Our view will be of a salt water bay. You can see the distant shoreline so it will add interest at night when properties across the water have their lights on. The shore on our side is part of the Pagan Point Nature Preserve.

“Pagan Point looks out onto Passamaquoddy Bay. The area contains a salt marsh and a wooded area, with a kilometre of sandy beach along the coast. Ecologically significant salt marshes run from the point up the eastern shore of the preserve. These rich marsh ecosystems provide habitat for a variety of birds such as heron, killdeer, and terns. Pagan Point also provides an impressive ocean lookout.” Source:

I googled “why people like to live near water” to see what I could find. To my amusement, I quickly came across a blog called “Stuff White People Like” with a post titles “#51 Living by the Water“. It had not occurred to me until reading this article that living near water might be something more coveted by one culture/race/ethnicity over another… but it does provide some interesting insight in to this one author’s thoughts on the subject.


Passamaquoddy Bay

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